Bjorn’s Story

My safari began one chilly winter morning in Germany. After ten European years, I came home ~ to Africa, when my parents emigrated to Southern Africa. In later years, I took to the road again ~  travelling through Namibia, Zambia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Tanzania ~ where I realised a latent passion for safaris, photography and breakfast with a pride of tree-climbing lions!

Blessed with an adventurous spirit and an eagle eye, I regularly venture forth into the great wild (and beyond) to discover hidden gems, to add to the Bjorn Afrika destination portfolio. I also revisit some old favourites to discover how we both may have changed. This helps maintain our exacting quality standards and ensure that nothing but the very best stays on our portfolio.

Africa has now been my home for many years, constantly creating bespoke, exceptional and extraordinary experiences for you to immerse yourself in.

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