• Walking with Maasai Warriors

Walking with Maasai Warriors

Take a walk on the wild side with the people who come from and live off the land. Start noticing the bustle of the land and minuscule sounds all around you - things likely missed while on a Game Drive.

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  • Private Game Drives with BJORN AFRIKA in Tarangire National Park

Private Game Drives

Have it your way! Nothings beats having your own Guide and Car - you choose your schedule, the time spent at sightings, where to sit and which area to explore. Breakfast or Picnics in the Bush or Lunch in Camp.

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Bush Walks

Experience Africa skin deep - immerse yourself in the bustle of the land and minuscule sounds all around you, smell and feel the dust, the rain far-off or watch a dung beetle live in action.

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  • Picnics in the Serengeti with BJORN AFRIKA©


You'll be famished - trust us! Nothing beats sitting in the cool shade of an Acacia Tree on a simmering hot day and stretching your legs after a rewarding Game Drive.

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  • Sundowners with BJORN AFRIKA© at Kusini Serengeti


Legendary Sundowners in Africa - it's an experience you will likely establish back home. Sip ice-cold G & T's and feel how they wash away the dust of a hot, long and rewarding day out in the Bush.

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  • Helicopter Safaris with BJORN AFRIKA

Helicopter Safaris

A birds-eye view and grandiose once in a lifetime experience not to be missed. You'll get to and see places, most never will! Float past the top of Mount Kilimanjaro or Mount Kenya, take a peek into Ol Donyo Lengai - the holy mountain of the Maasai and see the Flamingos of Lake Natron.

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  • Cultural Experiences with BJORN AFRIKA© at Entamanu

Cultural Encounters

Dive a little deeper into the lives of these ancient tribes. Learn more about the Maasai Tribe by visiting a traditional and authentic Maasai Boma, walk with Maasai Warriors or partake in a Maasai Orpul (not for the faint hearted).

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Gorilla Tracking

Fancy an adrenaline-filled, spine-tingling once in a lifetime experience? This is for you and we have the finest Gorilla Tracking location selected especially for you. Stand in awe and get mesmerised by these amazing creatures.

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Chimpanzee Tracking

The magical forests of the Mahale Mountains are beyond the imagination and occupied by captivating Chimpanzees. Hiking into the forest in search of the Chimpanzees is unforgettable and a true highlight, in one of the most iconic locations on earth.

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Balloon Flights

The most beautiful Balloon Flight on earth in premium Cameron & UltraMagic Balloons with state of the art 'whisper & stealth' Burners, followed by a Bush Breakfast.

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