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Bjorn Afrika creates Bespoke Luxury Lifestyle and Safari Experiences with unrivalled personal service from conception to execution. Being truly independent and impartial, we are not reliant on any particular Lodge, Camp, Hotel or Resort, ensuring unprejudiced choice of only the very best retreats and experiences, at the right time and at the right place ~ imperative in a realm of endlessly migrating herds. Every itinerary is truly bespoke and personalised to your desires and therefore you will not find any itinerary-stock on our website.

Immerse yourself in Africa’s abundant wildlife, breath-taking landscapes and diverse cultures from the vast Serengeti Plains, the pinnacle of Mount Kilimanjaro, the pristine montane-forests of the Volcanoes National Park, the powdery white sands of Zanzibar, Thanda or Mnemba Islands and the mother of all cities, Cape Town.

Create your ideal experience with us and be inspired by some of these select pursuits

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